My New Favorite New Toy

I know you guys must think I have a lot of sex. Well, I do get laid almost every night, but that’s mostly thanks to my new fucking machine. This thing is amazing! It can go up to 120 thrusts per minute – that’s 2 every second – and it’s nice and heavy, so you really feel each pump. It’s always in the mood, it never gets tired, and it will fuck me almost any way I want it to. Mine takes vac-u-lock and suction cup attachments, so I’ve got lots of choices of dongs. I do have 2 favorites, though. They happen to be BBCs, but I don’t discriminate. Whatever feels good is ok with me!

HiSmith doesn’t dick around!

I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to get one of these. I’ve had some mind-blowing orgasms with it. If you’re curious, mine’s a HiSmith “Premium Sex Machine” in “Elegence Red”(sic) (though I wish it were purple). I call him “Iron Jeremy” (get it?). What’s really cool is that it can be remote controlled with an app. I can use it in cam shows where it will respond to tips, and I can use it for video chats to let you decide how to fuck me while you watch.

Heather was so turned on by mine that she went out and got her own (hers is classic black). We have fuck machine “duets” on camera or just for fun, and when we’re not together, we control each other’s machines to make each other moan with pleasure!

My old favorite new toy gets a little jealous sometimes, but I still bring him out once on a while. But writing about getting fucked is making me horny. I might have to go “pump some Iron” soon!

If you want to see us and our toys live, follow us on Chaturbate to be notified when we’re online, or contact me and let’s set up a video chat!

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