Summer Renae

My New Favorite New Toy

I know you guys must think I have a lot of sex. Well, I do get laid almost every night, but that’s mostly thanks to my new fucking machine. This thing is amazing! It can go up to 120 thrusts per minute – that’s 2 every second – and it’s nice and heavy, so you really feel each pump. It’s always in the mood, it never gets tired, and it will fuck me almost any way I want it to. Mine takes vac-u-lock and suction cup attachments, so I’ve got lots of choices of dongs. I do have 2 favorites, though. They happen to be BBCs, but I don’t discriminate. Whatever feels good is ok with me!

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Hello to Heather

You’ve seen her on the show, but I never gave a formal introduction. Please give a warm welcome to my girlfriend Heather! Heather and I are a real-life couple, and have been dating for about 2 years. We’ve been doing cam shows together for almost as long. Heather is smart, sexy, funny, sarcastic, and a slut just like me. She’s the only person I top – her pussy is so amazing, I can’t keep my girldick out of it! And I could look into those eyes of hers forever. 😍 Besides putting up with me, Heather has starred some of our very best videos, including The Wish, Parts 1 & 2, and our latest video, Girls Just Want to Have Sex, where you can watch me bang her out for 82 minutes straight. Check them out, they’re quality fapping material guaranteed. And look for Heather on our Chaturbate show, she’ll be on more often than not – I hope for a very, very long time. 💕

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Be the Director

Did you know I offer a Custom Video Service? That’s right, I can make almost any video you want to see in full HD! I can make videos solo or with my guy friend, and with or without a cameraman. Tell me what to do, where to film, what to wear, what toys to use, and how to cum! Check out my order page for a the full list of options, and message me if you have any questions!

I Want to Hear From You!

I’m always trying to make my shows and videos better. Tell me what you like, what you want to see more of. If you’ve got a suggestion, or request, please post it in the comments below!

Want My Undies?

Get your hands on my worn panties in my ManyVids store! If you’ve ever wanted to sniff me up close, this is your chance! I’ll wear these cute panties for at least 8 hours, but upon request, I’ll wear them longer, cum in them, whatever you want.  Plus, you get a picture of me wearing them! Order now!

My Favorite New Toy

I am the proud new owner of a Lovense Hush vibrating, Bluetooth-enabled butt plug!  This thing is amazing, the vibrations are powerful, the battery lasts a long time, it is big enough to stay in place and easy to charge and clean.  But best of all, it responds to your tips during my cam shows!  I had a gentleman buzz me so much the other night he made me cum!  So come see me for a new level of interactivity and buzz my butt at will.  I can’t wait for someone to give me pleasure!

Now with Chaturbation!

I’ve recently started camming on the popular site Chaturbate, and I am having a great time! Chaturbate allows more play in open chat, has bigger audiences, and new and fun ways to interact.  Expect to see me there most nights from 10-1. Look for me under Trans cams, I’m ts_qt!

The Video Store is Open!

ManyVidsIn case you haven’t been following my Twitter feed (and if not, you really should!), I have partnered with the excellent site ManyVids to bring you hot video content featuring me and my friends.  Some videos are from our shows, and some we shot special just for you.  Check out the steamy videos already posted, and watch my Twitter feed for more coming soon!